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Evan Price

Two-time Grammy Award winner and jazz violinist extraordinaire Evan Price is the International Space Orchestra Musical Director. Evan Price is steadily gaining recognition as one of the world’s most confident voices in extra-classical string playing. A native of Detroit, MI, his musical background includes some earnest dues-paying in a variety of genres. From square dance […]

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Out of this world

The International Space Orchestra and Nelly Ben Hayoun special feature in Red Star Magazine, September 2013, China See more and read the article here

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BBC News

Designing the Impossible, Radio programme on BBC radio 4 selected on BBC News homepage. More on the radio programme hereand listen to it HERE: A radio programme on Nelly Ben Hayoun’s design practice produced by Mukti Jain Campion, for BBC radio 4 Read more and listen to it HERE With interviews from Thrilling engineer Brendan […]

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Disegno Film Night

The International Space Orchestra feature documentary, a film directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun is part of Disegno film nights in collaboration with RIBA. More details on the programme here

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Nelly Ben Hayoun

Dubbed the ‘Willy Wonka of Design and Science’, award-winning director and designer of experiences Nelly Ben Hayoun is a critical explorer, a fearless and passionate provocateur. In 2014 Wired magazine awarded her with a WIRED Innovation Fellowship for her work to date and its ‘significant impact on the world’ whilst in 2013, Icon Magazine touted […]

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Malaysian Airlines

The International Space Orchestra in magazine for Malaysian Airlines inflight: Going Places words by Jamie Khoo Taking music into space Art meets science in this fascinating new initiative by “experience designer” Nelly Ben-Hayoun as she creates the first orchestra of space scientists. The orchestra includes members from NASA, SETI and the International Space University and […]

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Protein Journal

Special Feature on Nelly Ben Hayoun on Protein Journal_ the City Issue_ Autumn 2013. Read the full article online at Protein Extract from the article, Words by Joe lley: Most people tend to avoid things they don’t understand. Fortunately, Nelly Ben Hayoun is not most people. The young, French, London-based designer’s portfolio is as lengthy […]

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Feature_Interview NBH with Deena Chalabi

Eine Kleine SpaceMusik, Nelly Ben Hayoun  interviewed by Deena Chalabi for New Inquiry, Volume 19 Read the full article in New Inquiry Magazine Extract from the interview, by Deena Chalabi: An experience designer discusses making social sculpture from NASA scientists and worms. Deena Chalabi talks with Nelly Ben Hayoun, experience designer at the SETI Institute […]

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The Dazed Guide to Outer Space

The International Space Orchestra in Dazed and Confused guide to Outer Space. Read more here A guide by Christine Jun Directed, produced and created by “experience designer” Nelly Ben Hayoun, the International Space Orchestra (ISO) is composed of a team of space scientists from the NASA Ames Research Center and SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Life.) In August […]