Rusty Hunt


Rusty plays Bari Sax loudly in the ISO and also tries to sing Bass.

On his 49th birthday, Rusty was the NASA Flight Director when the LCROSS team hit the Moon’s South Pole and found buckets and tons of ice in the permanently shadowed Cabeaus crater, re-writing science textbooks and forever changing our understanding of the Moon. In previous days he was Chief Engineer at the NFAC (The World’s Largest Wind Tunnel) and did research on biologically inspired computer algorithms to control flapping flying robots.

Rusty’s musical career spans decades, playing with the 129 Army Band, the Ames Jazz Band, Sinister Dexter, and the Leland Stanford Junior <pause>  University Marching Band.

In a parallel life, Commander Rusty Hunt recently retired from the US Navy Reserve, after 32 years of training robot operators, riding ships, running reactors and driving submarines.

At home Rusty enjoys building things and fixing things.

He is married to his lovely bride Tamra, a former fashion model and  The One in a Million Girl, with their beautiful and brilliant daughter Emma who is eight years old and quite the artist.