Sarah Groves Hobart


Sarah does software engineering and space systems engineering at NASA.  At home she dreams about space and sometimes singing outside the shower.  She’s thrilled at the opportunity to combine both of those dreams with ISO!  Notable things she is doing at NASA include working with others to fly a lunar mission using a spacecraft that has a strong resemblance to Dr. Who’s Tardis.  (Translation:  she is the Ground Data Systems Lead for the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer mission.)  Before that she had the privilege to rub elbows with real, live Houston flight controllers in Mission Control and help create an interface for them that was awarded the Johnson Space Center director’s innovation award.  You can use it, too; it’s open source! (  Other areas she has been involved with include Kepler, small satellites, solar electric propulsion, and amateur studies of the ground squirrel population at Ames.