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The International Space Orchestra record is back from space

Stamped after traveling back from the International Space Station, on board of the Soyuz Rocket, here is the International Space Orchestra’s record!  On Tuesday, May 5th, ISO trumpet player BJ Navarro, received pictures from ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti who brought the ISO music Compact Disc to ISS. And now it is back with us at […]

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International Space Orchestra recording orbits Earth

International Space Orchestra member, trumpet player BJ Navarro, Assistant Chief, Flight Systems Implementation Branch at NASA Ames Research Center, was able to arrange to put the International Space Orchestra (ISO) music in space. Literally. On Tuesday, May 5th, BJ received amazing pictures from ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti who brought the ISO music Compact Disc to […]

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Edna Pletchetero

Edna was part of a team directing, shaping and developing artists’ careers. She has worked with many talented musicians, but most notably Sigur Rós and Jónsi whom she has worked with since 2002. She continues to work with them and other Nordic artists and composers for film, tv, advertisement and any moving image projects that […]

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The International Space Orchestra is IN orbit

Two Ardusat (Arduino based Nanosatellites run by Nanosatisfi) Carrying ISO’s Ground-Control: An Opera in Space Recordings Launched Into Space on 4thAugust 2013. On 19thNovember 2013, these Ardusats got released from the International Space Station by the six-member Expedition 38 crew. The orbiting residents worked with mission controllers around the world on deploying the Ardusats from […]

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BBC Two Culture Show

The International Space Orchestra‘s teaser with music by Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Café mentioned as part of BBC Two, Culture Show critical design series See Prof Dunne and Raby explaining about Critical Design, and the International Space Orchestra mention here:

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The Creators Project

Words by Kevin Holmes for The Creators Project See the full article here Conducting an orchestra of scientists and musicians to broadcast music into the cosmos might sound like an idea you’d come up with late at night after one too many whiskeys, but artist and designer Nelly Ben Hayoun made it happen. Gathering together […]

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The First Ever International Space Orchestra Broadcasts Music To Space

Read Article on The Creators Project here Words by Shahneze Tsouria : Imagine scientists from NASA Ames, Singularity University, International Space University, and the SETI Institutecoming together to form a supergeek orchestra that broadcasts their sounds into deep space… French artist and experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun imagined it, and she brought it to life. […]

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Mike Smith

The International Space Orchestra is very honored to have Gorillaz ‘s musical director on board! Mike has arranged Damon Albarn’s composition for Bobby Womack and the International Space Orchestra. A Graduate of Leeds College of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Mike has for many years, toured, recorded, arranged and orchestrated […]

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Rusty Hunt

Rusty plays Bari Sax loudly in the ISO and also tries to sing Bass. On his 49th birthday, Rusty was the NASA Flight Director when the LCROSS team hit the Moon’s South Pole and found buckets and tons of ice in the permanently shadowed Cabeaus crater, re-writing science textbooks and forever changing our understanding of […]