Members of the International
Space Orchestra

Vanessa Kuroda Piano Former BioSentinel and LADEE Spacecraft Communication Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center

Greg Schmidt Ukulele  Director, NASA SSERVI (Solar System Exploration Research Institute)

Jacob Cohen Gong Chief scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

Matthew J Daigle Guitar Principal Applied AI Research Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Rusty Hunt Saxophone Flight Director, LCROSS Lunar Impactor and LADEE Lunar Orbiter, NASA Ames Research Center

Annette Rodrigues Ukulele Former associate director for Center Operations at NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Ames Bluegrass Band

Joel McKinnon Bass Guitar Software Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center

Brian H Day Ukulele Lead for Citizen Science, Planetary Mapping, and Outreach, NASA SSERVI

Marie Lo Viola Hospitality Manager, Singularity University

Lothar Determann Tenor Saxophone Attorney, Baker McKenzie; Commercial Pilot; Law Professor, Freie Universität Berlin; Lecturer, Berkeley School of Law

Matt Linton Cello Chaos Specialist; Former Deputy CISO, NASA Ames Research Center

Katie Gründler Flute Student Intern, SETI Institute

Markus Gründler Euphonium Student Intern, SETI Institute

Barbara Jo Navarro Trumpet Former NASA Assistant Chief, Flight Systems Implementation Branch, NASA Ames Research Center

Ryan Pittman Banjo Resident Agent in Charge, Cyber Crimes Division, Office of Inspector General (OIG), NASA Ames Research Center

Rei Ueyama Violin Research Physical Scientist, Earth Science Division, NASA Ames Research Center

Sora Ueyama Bubbles and Toys Pre-K student and future NASA astronaut

Martin Thoolen Contrabass Chief Drug Development Officer, NASA Ames Jazz band

Rodney Martin Percussion and Clarinet Deputy Data Sciences Group Lead

Lukas Gründler Trombone Research Assistant at SETI Institute

Peter I. A. T. RobinsonBassoon Computer Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center

Oliwia Baney Cello Graduate Student, Former Nasa Ames DEVELOP

Michael A. K. Gross Trombone Software and systems engineer for SOFIA, NASA Ames Research Center

Ralph Bach Trumpet Analyst at NASA Ames Research Center, Aviation and Aerospace

Frank Caradonna Piano Retired Aeronautical engineer; Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate at NASA Ames Research Center; NASA Ames Jazz Band

Paul K. DavisViola and violin Retired Instrument Development Technical Group, NASA Ames Research Center

Yvonne Cagle Bass Drum and triangle NASA Astronaut, NASA Ames Research Center

David Thompson Clarinet Sr. Research Scientist, Intelligent Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center

Jasper Wolfe Alto Saxophone PhoneSat, NASA Ames Research Center

Theodore Garbeff Violin Research engineer at the experimental fluid physics branch, NASA Ames Research Center

Elisabeth Giessler Violin Doctor of Optometry

Robert ‘Bob’ Crow Saxophone Retired, NASA Ames Jazz Band

Gregory D Paulson Trombone ARC-P, Universities Space Research Association (2012-2013)

Johnathan.W.Conley Percussion NASA Ames research Center (2012-2013)

Larry Farnsley String and electric bass Electrical Engineer, NASA Ames Jazz Band (2012-2013)

Michael A. K. Gross Trombone Software and systems engineer for SOFIA, NASA Ames

David P Roland Dobro and ukulele (Ret.) Senior Systems Administrator, NASA Advanced Supercomputing

Gregory Lindsay Drums NASA Ames Jazz Band

Rodney Martin Percussion and Clarinet Intelligent Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center

Veronica Phillips Inc-Clarinet Technical writer, Stinger Gaffarian Technologies

Taylor Hobart Choir / Harp Front of house, Steppenwolf and Blue Man Group

Michael A Wilson Saxophone NASA Ames Astrobiology Institute

Marianne Cooper Violin / Viola Retired Engineer and Group Leader for Life Science Experiments/Space Shuttle Missions, Lockheed Martin Corporation, NASA Ames Research Center

Janice Bishop Clarinet Senior Research Scientist and Chair of Astrobiology, SETI Institute; Exobiology Branch, NASA Ames Research Center

Julia Schorn Harp Behavioral Health & Performance researcher, NASA Johnson Space Center; former Space Biosciences intern, NASA Ames Research Center

Ted GarbefViolin Aerospace Engineer at the Wind Tunnel Systems Branch, NASA Ames Research Center

Scott Poll Violin Deputy Chief, Intelligent Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center

Shea Comfort Duduk Player Worked for NASA on developing guidance systems for Mercury, Gemini & Apollo (2013)

Dr Pete Worden Gong Former Head of NASA Ames Research Center (2012)

Lewis S. G. Braxton III Gong former Deputy Director of NASA Ames Research Center (2012)


Choir Members

John L. Bresina MER Tactical Activity Planner, LCROSS & LADEE Activity Planning & Command Sequences Lead, NASA Ames Research Center

Melanie Lean Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University

Andrew Henry Technical Lead, Open Mission Control Technologies, NASA Ames Research Center

Aileen Aniciete Former operation Lead, NASA Ames research Center

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom Co-Founder, SpaceBase; Former Chief Impact Officer, Singularity University, NASA Research Park

Miryam Strautkalns Applied and computational mathematics and computer science, San Jose State University; (Former) Research software engineer, Intelligent Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center

John Cumbers Founder of Beta.Space and Synbiobeta; Former Lead for Planetary Sustainability, NASA Ames Research Center

Jennifer Murphy Mission Operations Specialist, NASA Ames Research Center

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom VP, Operations, Singularity University

Sarah Hobart VIPER Ground Data System Manager, NASA Ames Research Center

Marianne Ryan Attorney specializing in space law and policy

Monica Ebert Code D, NASA Ames Research Center

Tamra Scott-Hunt Former international model & music video vixen

Megan Shabram NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow with NASA’s Kepler’s Mission

Chippie Kislik Center manager for DEVELOP at NASA Ames Research Center

Michaela Herman Web developer, NASA Ames Research Center

Alan Ni Spacecraft Program Manager, Astro Digital

Leighton Anunciacion Technology Partnerships Division, Deltha-Critique. NASA Ames Research Center (2012-2014)

Jamie Drew Science manager, NASA Ames Research Center (2012-2014)

Craig D Burkhard Micro 6 Project Advisor, NASA Ames Research Center (2012-2014)

Karen Bradford Chief of Staff, NASA Ames Research Center (2012-2013)

Aleta Hayes Lecturer, Stanford, and NASA Ames collaborator (2012-2013)

Jonathan Knowles Design Chair, Singularity University (2012-2013)

Laura Shawnee Education Specialist at NASA Ames Research Center  (2012-2013)

Ellen Schwartz Arthur Schwartz’s daughter (2012-2013)

Jasmina Tesanovic ISO Librettist (2012)

Bruce Sterling ISO Librettist (2012)

Peter Platzer CEO Spire, Ardusat (2012)

Derek Love Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, NASA Ames Research Center (2012)

Geoffrey Lee Project Manager, NASA Research Park (2012)

Zhenzhen Cumbers John Cumbers’ daughter (2012)

Executive Team

Nelly Ben Hayoun Director and Creator ISO

Edna Pletchetero Head of Music at NBH Studios

Evan Price Musical Director

Gordon Lustig Musical Director Assistant

Jimmy Kansau Choir Master

Amanda Hahn Choir Master

Chloe Mc Clellan NBH Studios Manager

ISO Production Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios Ltd

NBH Studios scientific advisor Dr. Franck Marchis

NBH Studios Social Media Officer Darren Webb

Thank you to the SETI Institute, Singularity University, International Space University, NASA Ames Research Center, Montalvo Arts Center, XL Recordings, Converse, Ruby Rocks, Big Dipper Productions Ltd, NASA SSERVI