Rodney Martin


Rodney Martin works in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames, where he has among other things been involved with data analysis and algorithm development for predicting tele-operator intent for Robonaut, fault detection for liquid propulsion systems on the SSME (Space Shuttle Main Engine), pre-launch diagnostics for Ares I-X, and currently is focused on more terrestrial research efforts. Now supporting the aviation safety program, he has the opportunity to conduct research in his area of expertise: control theory and level-crossing prediction which has application for many practical purposes beyond aviation safety relating to adverse event prediction. He has recently began supporting factor of safety data analysis for Orion re-entry and landing. Although primarily a clarinetist, in his spare time he loves picking up anything that he can hit, shake, or tap a zippy rhythm to (including his thumbs and feet !), relating to his love of playing percussion and salsa dancing. Part of the Peninsula Symphonic Band now for two years, he is very enthused about the opportunity to join and share in the fun with the ISO.