Jasmina Tesanovic


Jasmina Tešanović is a part of the ISO choir, she also co-wrote the Kepler Aria for the ISO in the summer 2012 at NASA Ames Research Center.

Below is more about powerhouse Jasmina:

Jasmina Tešanović (Belgrade, 1954) is writer, feminist, political activist (Women in Black, Code Pink), translator (Italo Calvino, Elsa Morante, Alberto Moravia, Sandro Veronesi), and filmmaker. Her parents were active members of the Tito’s Yugoslav Communist party. The Tešanovićs spent some years in Cairo, then in 1966 they moved Italy. She graduated in Letters at Università Statale di Milano.
In 1978, together with Zarana Papic and Dunja Blazevic, she organized the first Feminist Conference in Eastern Europe bringing Italian feminists into Yugoslavia. The international conference was condemned by the ruling Communist party as attempt to import western ideology into the country.
At the beginning of the Balkan wars in 1990, she became a pacifist and an active opponent of Milosevic’s regime. In 1994, with Slavica Stojanovic, she founded the feminist publishing house Feminist94. Her first book of essays The Invisible Book became a manifesto for alternative Serbian feminist/pacifist culture.
In 2004 the Hiroshima Prize for Peace and Culture was awarded to Borka Pavicevic, founder of the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade, with additional prizes to Biljana Srbljanovic and Jasmina Tešanović. She is the member of the Norwegian PEN center.
Her works include:

Mai Piu Senza Torino ( with Bruce Sterling) 2012 Espress Edizioni , Torino, Dizajn Zlocina, Sudjenje skorpionima (VBZ Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd 2009 – translated in Italian), Matrimony (Planeta Publisher, 2003, Spain – translated in Serb), Me and My Multicultural Street (Feminist Publisher 94, 2001, Serbia), Diary of a Political Idiot (Cleis Press, San Francisco, California, 2000 – translated in 12 languages), The Suitcase: Refugee Voices from Bosnia and Croatia (University of California Press, Berkley, San Francisco, California, 1997)

Nefertiti (Stampa Alternativa, Italy, 2009), The Necromancers/Nekromanti (play, 2007), Nefertiti Was Here/Nefertiti je bila ovde (Belgrade Women’s Studies, Centar za Zenske Studije, Beograd 2007), They just do it (play, Feminist Notebooks, Serbia, 1998), The Mermaids (Publisher 94, Serbia, 1997 – Borislav Pekić Award recipient), A Women’s Book (Publisher 94, Serbia, 1996), In Exile (Publisher 94, Serbia, 1994), The Invisible Book (KOV, Vrsac, Yugoslavia 1992)
Other writings for newspapers and TV including Serbian weekly NIN; Serbian daily Nasa Borba; The Washington Post; Philadelphia Inquirer; L’Espresso; Panorama; ABC TV; El Pais; Al Jazeera; Flair; Grazia. She has a column in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, together with her husband Bruce Sterling.
Blogs in Boingboing, Huffington Post, Vita Virtual Nuova

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