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Protein Journal

Special Feature on Nelly Ben Hayoun on Protein Journal_ the City Issue_ Autumn 2013. Read the full article online at Protein Extract from the article, Words by Joe lley: Most people tend to avoid things they don’t understand. Fortunately, Nelly Ben Hayoun is not most people. The young, French, London-based designer’s portfolio is as lengthy […]

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Feature_Interview NBH with Deena Chalabi

Eine Kleine SpaceMusik, Nelly Ben Hayoun  interviewed by Deena Chalabi for New Inquiry, Volume 19 Read the full article in New Inquiry Magazine Extract from the interview, by Deena Chalabi: An experience designer discusses making social sculpture from NASA scientists and worms. Deena Chalabi talks with Nelly Ben Hayoun, experience designer at the SETI Institute […]

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The Dazed Guide to Outer Space

The International Space Orchestra in Dazed and Confused guide to Outer Space. Read more here A guide by Christine Jun Directed, produced and created by “experience designer” Nelly Ben Hayoun, the International Space Orchestra (ISO) is composed of a team of space scientists from the NASA Ames Research Center and SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Life.) In August […]

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Musical lift off

The International Space Orchestra’s lift off mentioned in Design Indaba. Read the full article here Three, two, one, lift off… Nelly Ben Hayoun’s The International Space Orchestra (ISO) is in space! On 4 August 2013 two ArduSat, an Arduino based Nano-satellite run byNanosatisfi, launched from Japan taking the ISO’s recordings of Ground-control: An Opera in Space […]

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The International Space Orchestra is in Space

The International Space Orchestra is IN Space! Special mention on ISO’s collaborator Bruce Sterling’s blog : Beyond the Beyond at Wired. See the full article here Dear Friends, partners, colleagues, permanent supporters! Time for us to cheer all together! I have not make it to space (yet…!) but the International Space Orchestra surely did…! THE […]

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Beijing Design Week 2013

Nelly Ben Hayoun will be presenting the International Space Orchestra feature documentary in Beijing, as part of the Beijing Design Week 2013. The International Space Orchestrapreview screening is supporting by theBritish Council, Architecture/Design Department, Cultural and Education British Embassy in China. It will be screened at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art , on 27th […]

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International Space Orchestra

L’opera Spatial qui reunit  Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack et la NASA Article By Carole Boinet for Les Inrockupibles See full article online here La “designer d’expériences” Nelly Ben-Hayoun a créé un opéra avec des astronautes, des scientifiques de la NASA et des musiciens prestigieux, dont Damon Albarn et Bobby Womack. Un étrange projet intitulé “International […]

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The International Space Orchestra is IN orbit

Two Ardusat (Arduino based Nanosatellites run by Nanosatisfi) Carrying ISO’s Ground-Control: An Opera in Space Recordings Launched Into Space on 4thAugust 2013. On 19thNovember 2013, these Ardusats got released from the International Space Station by the six-member Expedition 38 crew. The orbiting residents worked with mission controllers around the world on deploying the Ardusats from […]

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ISO Screening, Space Museum, HONG KONG

Screening of the International Space Orchestra at the Hong Kong Space Museum Date: 26 January 2014, Venue: 香港太空館演講廳 Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum  FREE ADMISSION Inquiry: 2573 1869 or RSVP:  名額有限,請於一月二十四日前網上預約: Seats are limited, please register early at