The International Space Orchestra in DOMUS


The International Space Orchestra in DOMUS , read full article online

As part of Seeking Silicon Valley Exhibition, ZERO1 Biennial, California

Interview with curator Jaime Austin,Words by Tracey Ingram

Having studied both computer information systems and art history, Jaime Austin has each side covered for her role as lead curator and director of programmes at Zero1. The non-profit organization focuses on the intersection of art and technology and holds a biennial dedicated to the cause. In previous years the event lasted less than one week, but the 2012 edition — which is themed Seeking Silicon Valley and intends to be a launch pad for a year-round programme — runs for almost three months. Domus took a trip to San Jose, California — the self-proclaimed capital of Silicon Valley — to check out Zero1 Garage, the organization’s new permanent home and the biennial’s hub.

Tracey Ingram: This year’s theme — Seeking Silicon Valley — addresses discovery. What are you hoping visitors will uncover?
Jaime Austin: Silicon Valley is as much an idea as it is a place. This became so apparent when a South American artist who’s very involved with technology visited the Bay Area for the first time. He landed at San Jose airport and wanted to see Silicon Valley. I thought to myself: How do you do that? Even though I grew up here, I had no idea how to actually see it. His checklist included visiting eBay, Google and the venture capitalist firms. Nothing is visible to the public, so I could sense both his interest and disappointment. His preconception of Silicon Valley didn’t match the reality. There’s no cohesive architecture, nor a central gathering point. Contemporary art has the capacity to re-imagine Silicon Valley. That’s where the “seeking” theme came from: the process is as important as what is found.

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