Z33_ISO film Preview


Preview of the International Space Orchestra feature film at Z33, House for Contemporary Arts, Belgium,  as part of the exhibition Space Odyssey 2.o

4th May 2013, 7pm  see more details about the screening HERE

The outer regions of space have long been a source of inspiration and fascination for writers, filmmakers and artists. The dream of leaving planet earth and exploring unknown territories triggers both fear and curiosity and acts upon a strong impulse of human imagination.

Today space research and exploration is taking off in a new direction and is facing new challenges and opportunities such as internationalisation, democratisation and privatisation. This is reflected in the growing exchange of ideas and easier access to knowledge and technologies. Artists are not only tapping into new dreams and speculative fantasies but have the ability to participate in a more active way, building diy rockets or open source satellites. While some artists base their work on scientific theory, speculation or pure fantasy, others work in close association with scientists or space organisations. In an open, collaborative and interdisciplinary practice new stories between science fact and science fiction are being written.

With artists: Nelly Ben Hayoun, Michael Burton ,Edith Dekyndt, Frederik De Wilde, Vincent Fournier, Andy Gracie, Brian McCutcheon, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Panamarenko, Semiconductor, Roman Signer, Filip Van Dingenen, Angelo Vermeulen

See teaser on the International Space Orchestra Vimeo

International Space Orchestra tells the story of the incredible journey that Ben-Hayoun took with the employees of NASA Ames Research Center and the SETI Institute in California during 2012, in setting up the International Space Orchestra, and the production of the space opera they made together. The film contains interviews with scientists from NASA, as well as the final production of Ground Control: A Space Opera, it features musical contributions from Damon Albarn and Bobby Womack, and Penguin Café (Arthur Jeffes). (66m)